Saturday, 18 May 2013

Macaron à la Rose

Macaron à la Rose... sounds like a magic tune to me! A tune that will make me happy :) I think I will never get tired of making them, they look so pretty, smell and taste so good. Whenever I am low in stock of rose macarons, its time to make another batch no matter how busy I am. This time I would like to have more intense rose with a bit fruity tease for my rose macarons. Hopefully, I make enough for this coming long-weekend... maybe have only one a day!

Its always fun and delightful to make these cute rose macarons, more the better. But I need to get another food processor to grind my almonds, maybe just to replace my old one or help me to speed up my time. I use organic rose petals for my tant pout tant as they always give me best rose flavor and a little hint of slight pink to my shells. They look nice on my silpat now and soon ready to bake... can't wait!

This couple days we have some pretty nice weather which help for baking, especially for macarons, they don't like humid weather at all.... Okay, baking is done, wow! A perfect army of rosy macaron shells are ready for service! In the mean time, let me get my fruity tease ready for them...
This time I use an intense rose ganache which has rose water and natural rose extract, but I have to be careful not making it taste like hand cream... although I love rose hand cream. To balance out sweetness of my ganache, I have raspberry gelée as my fruity tease. I really like Pierre Hermé's philosophy of playing and balancing out flavors... I love to incorporate it in my version... Lets see how my macaron à la Rose taste... hmm.. wonderful intense rose flavor... taste so amazing that make me smile!


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  1. I really like Pierre Hermé's viewpoint of enjoying and controlling out tastes... I really like to integrate it in my edition... Allows see how my macaron à la Increased flavor..
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