Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rose et Litchi Macarons

Rose and lychee is a very interesting combination, I first heard it years ago from the infamous Pierre Hermé's Ispahan...a delicious dessert with rose & lychee cream, raspberry jelly insert, and lychee fruit sandwiched in two macaron biscuits with fresh raspberries.  I've tried a few similar ones locally but still... rose and lychee flavor which I love is either too subtle or overpowering by extracts.  Okay, let me take a challenge and create my own. These cuties in above photo I made is rose et litchi or rose and lychee macarons.  I have not put in raspberry jelly this time, cause I just like to enjoy amazing marriage of only rose and lychee. I do love raspberry and I will have raspberry jelly for another dessert - Harmonie (she will appear in another post shortly).

These little macarons shells are exceptional and special. I have organic rose petals in them which make them already delicious on their own. Hmm, the smell of light aroma of rose floating in the air is like heaven! But of course just only rose aromatic is not good enough to make these amazing cuties happy.... 

Okay, next step of these amazing macarons..... this time, no ganache! Sometimes ganache may be overly sweet and need to compensate with more extract or so which I am not crazy about it, especially I would prefer a lighter feeling for this macaron. So, I made rose and lychee cream with rose water and lychee puree.... this cream takes me a bit more time but worth my time. Just a simple piping and they are ready to go... to my tummy!

Finally, my amazing and delicious rose et litchi macarons are ready! Rosy color and fragrant shells combine with a lovely creamy rose and lychee filling....hmm makes every bite of this cutie like heaven!



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