Friday, 8 March 2013


Macarons are one of my favorite treats. Since I have tried these cuties years ago, I fall in love with them so much.   Although they may not as popular as they are used to be,  I still love to make them with new flavors and always have some waiting for me in my fridge :)  Luckily, after spending many moons of baking, folding, beating egg whites...  I can make many flavors I love and here are some of my favorites...

Lavender Earl Grey
Earl Grey is one of my favorites tea second to Darjeeling tea and lavender is perfect to go with it.  For these lavender Earl Grey macarons, I combine French Lavender in their shells and Kusmi Earl Grey noir ganache. Really love their slight hint of lavender flavor and bold Earl Grey taste, just like an afternoon tea in my fingers! 

PinkPeppercorns and Raspberry
I can't get enough of these amazing flavor macarons.  A combination of pinkpeppercorns and raspberry may sound unusual....but they really taste great together!   I use pinkpeppercorns in their little shells and fresh raspberry puree ganache which make them looks and taste amazing. A tiny but not spicy kick from pinkpeppercorns with fruity, sweety raspberry make these macarons really exceptional!

Pistachio, pistachio, pistachio....a nut I love so much, I have them in many of my pastries and of course in my macarons too :)  I use green pistachios in shells to give them a strong pistachio flavor, pistachio ganache, sometimes I use pistachio creme, and finish them all with pistachio sprinkles..... intense pistachio macarons are born!

Toasted Black Sesame
Although macaron is a French pastries, sometimes it taste so delicious with Asian flares. This toasted black sesame macaron is an perfect example.  I incorporate Japanese toasted black sesames in shells, ganache and touch them up with a few whole toasted black sesame seeds.  This really make delicious macarons with a robust and unique flavor!

German Chocolate
German chocolate cake stays one of my favorite cakes, very delicious but not invented in Deutschland.... not sure how its name come from?   How about in macarons?  I can tell they taste amazing just like their big sister German chocolate cake. Shells are a bit tricky to make since I use melted 100% cocoa, but my hard work paid off!  I paired them  with coconut chocolate ganache and chopped toasted pecans!   Here we have amazing German Chocolate macarons!

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