Saturday, 11 May 2013

Gâteau L'Opéra

This week is a super busy Mother's Day week... I was baking like there is no tomorrow in my kitchen for my macarons!  Thank you everyone's support for my sweeties :) After all my hard work, I have to make a nice treat for myself... a L'Opéra. I know I need more sleep but I do really need to treat myself! I love Opera very much, although is on the rich side, I just try not to eat more than two pieces in one time...but this one maybe more! Traditionally, this cake use almond jaconde, layered with coffee buttercream, ganache , soaked with coffee syrup and covered in a chocolate glaze... of course I always give my sweets a twist.. like a new life. Here is my version...

you need...

  • one half sheet jaconde de noisette (hazelnut jaconde) cooled
  • 150 g pistache crème au beurre (pistachio buttercream)
  • 300 g café crème au beurre (coffee buttercream)
  • 120 g crème fraîche ganache (I use 66% Valrhona Caraibe)
  • 50 g chocolate lacquer glaze (I use 100% Valrhona cocoa)
  • 70 ml coffee syrup
  • one Callebaut marble callet and four Valrhona dark chocolate crispy pearls (optional)
  • cut the cooled hazelnut jaconde into four pieces
  • lie one piece of jaconde on a parchment lined sheet and soaked with syrup
  • spread  crème fraîche ganache on your syrup soaked jaconde and let set a bit
  • gently lay second layer of jaconde on top and soaked it with syrup 
  • spread half of your coffee buttercream on your second layer and let set
  • lay your third layer of jaconde on top again and soak it with syrup...I know kind of repeating myself
  • spread your pistachio buttercream on top and let set
  • lay your last layer jaconde on top, soaked with syrup and spread remaining coffee buttercream on top, smooth your buttercream as smooth as possible and let your cake rest in fridge until it firm up
  • warm up your chocolate lacquer glaze just slight warm and pourable, put your firmed up cake on a rack and glaze it, and let set in your fridge for a few hours (don't worry about the sides cause we'll trim it later)
  • use a sharp and warm knife and trim four edges (trimmings are tasty as your cake, just not as pretty), decorate your lovely cake and you're done!
Wow! A lovely glossy and pretty cake! I wait till next day as I know it will certainly taste better after all the flavors mellow together... Hmm, let me try a bite... sooooo good, rich, smooth, amazing blend of nutty hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate and coffee together! If you love coffee and nuts you will certainly love Gâteau L'Opéra... it goes perfectly with my Darjeeling tea, maybe I should have one always ready in my fridge!


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  1. Typically, this dessert use almond jaconde, padded with java buttercream, ganache , saturated with java syrup and protected in a candy glaze... of course I always give my candies a perspective.. like a new lifestyle. Here is my edition..buying rs gold