Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Crème de Cassis Macarons

Cassis or blackcurrant is lovely fruit I like to use in many of my desserts, cakes, mousse, syrups, cocktails, savory dishes.... and of course in macarons. Since fresh cassis is not available all year around here, however there are always dried ones, so I make this Lejay Crème de Cassis soaked black currant macarons.  Hmm....it taste wonderful with an intense fruity flavor!

My cassis has soaked in Crème de Cassis overnight and developed a full flavor, its ready to incorporate into my ganache. In the mean time I have another army of macarons shells baked and all ready to go with this intense, fruity and amazing ganache. It doesn't take long and I have all of them filled and ready!

Now, its time to have my quality control test! Hmm, looks so lovely, let me take a bite... slight crunchy shells with a soft and a bit chewy centre ... combine with an intense and amazing distinctive cassis fruity flavor! I can't just have one, but a few more before I can stop!

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