Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Matcha Adzuki Macarons

Here we have another Asian flavor I love a lot, matcha (Japanese green tea) and adzuki (Japanese red bean).  I have tasted quite a few matcha adzuki macarons, mostly with matcha infused shells with adzuki filling.... so I come up with my own version of this amazing macaron! This time we will go behind the scene of how I make my macarons.......

First thing first, one of those most important things is to pipe these cute macarons shells and bake them perfectly.  I find Silpat is always my best friend in making macarons and it saves me sheets and sheets of parchment paper.... although I used to use them quite a bit, but since I use Silpat, there is no turning back! I use very fine grounded matcha powder in these shells to give them a distinctive matcha flavor....even making my tant pour tant (batter) I can smell very strong matcha flavor already!

After waiting patiently for my macarons shells to dry out a bit.... then another wait for baking them.  Finally, my perfectly baked macaron shells came out of oven! I use thick aluminium baking sheets to bake mine as they always come out perfectly and my shells won't burn in the bottoms. Okay, now is another time to let my shells cool down...let me make some green tea and relax a bit!

Now we are back to business again! All my matcha macarons shells have cooled, paired and rest on rack await for piping with filling. I use matcha infused ganache and adzuki gelée to create my own version of Matcha Adzuki macarons! Since macarons are mostly handmade, I just paired same size ones together and odd ones I usually save them as snacks or other desserts...

Piping and assemble
I always find piping is something easier to say than done. I am still trying to perfect my piping skills in making pastries. Let's back to macarons, I have my matcha ganache ready to go in one hand and adzuki gelée in my other.  I just need to make sure my ganache is not too hard nor too gooey. I just piped a small dollop of ganache and put a adzuki gelée in the centre.... they are then all good to go!

Ready to try?  Not so fast yet, as usual I usually let my macarons sit in fridge for around 24 hours to let their flavor develop. I truly agree with Pierre Hermé's suggestion to let macarons' sit after assemble. Yay, another delicious macarosn are ready, they may looks a bit taller than normal ones since they have gelée inside!  I should go get my green tea, not till tomorrow to taste them! 


  1. They looks awesome!

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