Friday, 15 March 2013

Tartelettes aux Figues et Chocolat

Figues ..... a plummy, juicy, sweety fruit.  I forgot when I start enjoying figs, and now I have them nearly everyday, at least few times a week and mostly with my salads.  Figs are good in almost any dishes, sweet or savory, I love them stand alone but of course they also taste exceptional good in desserts. Tarte...also one of my favorites, sweet or savory tarts are all good to me. So, by marrying both my favorite ingredients, I made this chocolate fig tart... did I mentioned chocolate?  Yes, chocolate adds another dimension to this delicious tart!  I made this tartelettes aux figues et chocolat with these ingredients:

pâte sucrée au chocolat (chocolate sweet pastry)
- frangipane (almond cream filling)
- figs (I use black Mission figs)
- nappage (apricot glaze)

Lets take a look how I put my ingredients together....

I first started rolled out my pâte sucrée dough in tart rings, let them rested a bit in my fridge and blind baked them gently about 15 minutes with a bit pipe weight and a small piece of parchment paper. Then I filled up all my tartletttes with frangipane and waiting for those lovely figs. It took me a while to get used to tart rings... I think letting pastry dough chilling in fridge for at least couple hours, and many practice hours is my key for success!

My next step is much more easier compare to last few steps.  I cleaned and dried my figs, have their stems removed and sliced them to about 4 to 5 mm thick pieces. Arranged these pretty figs pieces like a swirl, returned them into my oven and baked for about 15 minutes or so.....  I can't wait to see how my tartlets look but I can smell them in the air!

Tada! They are now ready! Slightly caramelized figs with golden and puffy frangipane make these tartlets look so pretty, perfect and yummy. I didn't fill my frangipane too high since bad-tart-days did happened to me before and I had my tarts and tartlets flooded by frangipane like lava. I let them rested a bit and they came out nicely from the rings. Finally, one more step before I can sink my...fork in them. I rewarmed my nappage and brushed them generously and my tartlettes are done!

Hmm... time for my afternoon tea with just one more fig... I am too greedy :) 

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