Thursday, 21 March 2013

Intense Pistache Macarons

Intense Pistache Macarons

I think I am officially addicted to pistachios, my other addiction is chocolate and my other one.... my list is too long!  Since last couple weeks or so I bake like crazy, maybe spring awoke me...?? Yesterday, is officially first day of spring but I can't wait cold weather to go away. Anyway, I never get tired of making these fantastic intense pistachio macarons!  This time I am using pistachio buttercream instead which makes them exceptional rich....

I used my newly bought green pistachios inside my tant pour tant (batter), and they were fine without adding too much oil into my batter and didn't affect macaronage. The color is really beautiful and I couldn't resist and sprinkled some on the shells before they dry-out. But who knows what will come out when a new ingredient is added to macaron batter?  Like a mystery no one knows!

Time to reveal new pistachios's result: my macaron shells looks great!  I am so happy they turn out perfect as I expected...perfect little roundy, domey shells sitting silently and waiting for their other halves.
Wow! Swarm of macaron shells looks like a small army waiting on my counter top for filling now.  My pistachio butter cream is ready to pipe now.... also has some pistachios chopped and ready to coat them!

Piping is as same as ganache, just need to firm my buttercream in fridge a bit to get a right consistency. But my sometimes-too-warm hand may make my buttercream too soft and need trips to go back and forth my fridge...just a bit workout to burn off some calories!

Yeah!  Piping is done...let me get them roll and bath in a chopped pistachios tub! They looks like very quite happy swimming in pistachio ocean!  This extra layer of chopped pistachios will certainly give them extra flavor and texture to these already amazing macarons. Finally, my intense pistachio macarons are done... phew...let me wait till next day to taste them :) I am so glad my new stock of green pistachios works really well, I'll stick to them and try them out in my other receipes....maybe a cake?


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