Thursday, 7 March 2013

Welcome to my blog :)

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to Eryn Patisserie's blog.  This is my first blog to share my passion of pastry, sweets, baking, cooking.....  I am so glad I finally put together a place to share my passions with you, my friends, family, co-workers.....

Hmmm.... let's start with some Bordeaux Canelé

I love these little treats to death!   I am kind of difficult to find where to get them, and eventually found a couple places selling them.  Of course that's not the end and now I can finally able to make these little treats on my own...

Traditionally they are baked in copper molds but I manage to bake them with silicon molds and they taste excellent!   Their caramelized, deep brown shells and soft, puffy, creamy inner texture like dancing on my tongue :)   I think I can eat many Canelés in a single time, but I didn't count.....maybe more than ten with my coffee haha!

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