Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happy Easter - Bombe de Mousse au Chocolat et Framboise

Happy Easter everyone! I am so exciting Easter is coming and I have in mind a while about making a round, spherical or egg shaped cake..... after many nights of thought, I decided and made this Bombe de Mousse au Chocolat et Framboise or chocolate and raspberry mousse bombe! This is a big and quite heavy 8 inch bombe cake, and can serve 8-10 people! I can't wait till Easter and shared this amazing bombe with my family already!

what you need (recipe follows)
  • chocolate mousse
  • raspberry mousse insert
  • chocolate sponge cake
  • Kirsch syrup
  • 80g buttercream (I use praline buttercream)
  • chocolate glaze
  • macaron shells and one macaron for decoration
Let's see how everything comes together.....become a bombe, its may looks kind of funny because I assembled this cake upsidedown.....

Mousse au framboise
I made my raspberry mousse a day ahead and put it in a 4 inch diameter plastic wrap lined sphere mould. This mousse has to be frozen hard so it can hold its shape when assemble my bombe. Actually I made a few more so I can make this cake whenever I like! They can stay good in freezer for around a month but may loss volume a bit.

Mousse au chocolat
This mousse has to be made right at the time when I assemble my cake. I used a plastic wrap lined 8 inch diameter sphere mold. Also left around an inch of space from rim of this mould so I can put in my raspberry mousse insert and bottom cake layer later. it already looks yummy already!

Chocolate sponge cake
This is a simple chocolate sponge cake. I made a lovely batter and piped it to a 8 inches diameter circle on parchment paper. It need to be turned out rightaway after its done, cooled and trimmed a bit to fit into my cake mould. Wow, looks like a huge flattened snail...

Time to assemble my bombe
First, I had my chocolate mousse ready and filled it into my sphere mold and let it sat in my fridge around ten minutes. Then, my frozen raspberry mousse was laid carefully into my chocolate mousse. It need to be flushed with my chocolate mousse. Next step, I spreaded a thin layer of buttercream on my sponge cake and flipped it onto the sphere mould..... oh, nearly there.... finally, I brushed Kirsch syrup on my cake and its now ready to go into my freezer.....

Let me see if everything looks great before freezing my bombe, wow it looks perfect!  And it need to be in freezer for at least four hours to get it frim and cold enough before glazing. Anyway I left mine frozen overnite cause my arms had enough workout already and I need to go to bed!  I double plastic wrapped this bombe for freezing and next day I will finish all my final touches...

Time went by fast and its next day... time to get back to finish my bombe. First, I unmolded my bombe carefully and had it ready on a rack waiting patiently for a lovely chocolate glaze bath.  Timing is kind of important to have my glaze ready, runny, shiny but not too warm. In a few heart beats, I poured my glaze and I am one step closer to taste it!

I just let my bombe has all its glaze dripped looks like mini-volcano-ish now, and I transferred it to my fridge and let it firm up a bit. Finally, I used a bit glaze as glue and decorated my bombe with macaron shells and crown a macaron on top.... and now I can say I am DONE!!!!  I can soon sink my forks in this lovely Easter bombe...although not Easter yet!

OMG, it looks so lovely! I am feeling kind of sorry to cut through it to get a taste.... okay wait till tonight then!

Finally, after all my hard work and sweat....its time to pay off, yeah! My first cut felt like my knife glided into butter, and my slice looks so awesome.  I wonder how it taste? Hmm... perfect smooth, airy and delicious chocolate, raspberry mousse; buttercream and chocolate sponge cake give a bit texture and nutty flavor to this already wonderful cake.  Oh my... just taste scrumptious and heavenly! Hope this bombe can last till this weekend but I will definitely make another again or smaller petite cake...

Happy Easter!


  1. Looks delicious!

  2. This looks amazing but I would like to make it please - is the actual recipe anywhere on your site

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for your kind words, the recipes are come from this book: The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts, The French Culinary Institute. Hope this help :)