Monday, 3 June 2013

Lavande et Earl Grey Macarons

Earl Grey tea is one of my favorites. I think I make Earl Grey tea nearly everyday. But so far I have tried many different brands and I love Kusmi and Mariage Frères the most. I make this special macaron which combines two of my flavors I love into a harmony... lavande and Earl Grey. Its amazing to have the strong Earl Grey go with aroma of lavender... like having a small pretty tea treats in my hands, and they looks so pretty...another plus. I can't wait and head straight to kitchen now!

Its my first time using my new food processor bowl, it arrived just in time. I think I can still use my old one to make something not as delicate as macarons. This time I use dried lavender for my tant pout tant for some really nice lavander aroma. I also tint them a bit for a nice lavender color. Wow, they look nice on my silpat now and ready to go.... into my oven.

Baking this amazing macarons shells is same as my other macarons, just have to be careful not to burn or brown them... not only lighter color, some color like lavender seems to change a bit more during baking, its important to keep an eye on them... Yeah, amazing macarons shells line-up on my cooling rack and ready to be filled.

For my Earl Grey ganache, I infused it with my favorite Kusmi Earl Grey noir... the flavor of tea is strong and yet not overpowering, just perfect with a bit aroma from my lavender shells. See how pretty they looks! Let me taste them, a pack of amazing tea flavor, like a cup of tea in my fingers, only one word - fantastique! I should have a few more with my tea...


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