Saturday, 22 June 2013

Framboise Macarons.....French meringue version

Me and my friends were talking about making macarons the other day... and we went through about French meringue method. Our conservation reminds me I haven't use this method for ages... now I only use sucré cuit (or Italian meringue) method for my macarons. But why not make some with French meringue for fun? I spare no time and like old memories... French meringue macarons again! I should say this method takes less time since I don't have to cook sugar but macaronage sometimes maybe nerve let me start!

First thing first is to make my tant pout tant, I incorporated a bit raspberry into it and my shells look nice! Since there is no cooked sugar, my macarons shells look a bit coarse compare to those make with sucré cuit. Actually the macaronage is quite straight forward, I fold my TPT until right consistency then that's it... my experince is don't over or under work my tant pour tant. See, they look nice on my silpat now and ready to bake.

Baking French meringue based macarons is similar to those with sucré cuit. I just have to keep an eye on them, cause their color may change more easily. Let see how they looks, wow amazing shells! However, they usually looks not as smooth as those made with sucré cuit, but this method realy save time and hassle to handle hot sugar! Okay, I let my macaron shells cooling rack and ready to be filled with raspberry ganache.

Tasting time now! Hmm... they are amazing! Other than methods, French meringue based macarons do taste a bit different from sucré cuit ones... French one's shells are a bit thinner and inside a tiny bit softer too, vs sucré cuit ones has crispier, smoother and more pretty shells yet still chewy. Anyway, its okay for me as long as I have my treats!


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