Friday, 19 April 2013

Vanille Bourbon de Madagascar Macarons

This very cute macaron actually has a little story... a few days ago me and my friend were chatting about Spring has finally arrived, we love this season's trendy teal, orange...color. Out of no where here it came my light-bulb-time... how about vanilla sky macarons? We are so excited and here we come my vanilla sky macarons or Vanille Bourbon de Madagascar macarons. They came out perfect, that peaceful, calm, and Tiffany alike color make these cuties look amazing! A reminder to me Spring that is here!

They may looks cute and innocent but don't let them fool you. Making macaron shells is always fun but still challenging no matter how many times you make it. Each one has a subtle difference, but I love that cause its the whole thing of handmade pastries. Okay, back to our shells, this time I incorporate Madagascar Bourbon vanilla seeds to give my shells a nice flavor of vanilla and they are piped and ready to bake!

Hmm... just a short while and my macaron shells are ready, they looks amazing and ready to be filled. I made a very rich, creamy and luxurious Madagascar Bourbon vanilla ganache. I love vanilla a lot and use it in most of my desserts, sometimes even a bit in savory dish too! But Madagascar is the one I love the most compare to Tahitian and Mexican... okay everything is ready and see how they going to look and taste after I put them together.

Wow! I have to stop talking because they taste so so great! My first bite into the shells can taste the lovely vanilla already... then my creamy Madagascar Bourbon ganache melts together makes me feel I am floating in vanilla sky!!


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