Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Intense Chocolat Macarons

Last week was such a busy week for me! I have to bake for my Daring Bakers' challenge and also for some orders of my macarons, thanks for your support! But still I managed to make some fantastic macarons... intense chocolat macarons. I have not made chocolate macarons for a while and I think this is about time cause my inner chocolate goddness is calling. This macaron I use 72% Valrhona Araguani dark chocolate...from a Venezuelan origin with a flavor of currant and honey (from description of Valrhona), I do taste fruity, dark and rich but not bitter at all. So let me start making them although its in the evening already! Don't know why I usually make my macarons in daytime, kind of funny??

Making chocolate macaron shells is tricky like shells with other nut flours. Or I should say even more difficult since cocoa butter may make your tant pour tant has a higher oil content which is an enemy for  good macaron shells. I have tried different different kinds of cocoa powder, chocolat....etc, but I settle with 100% pure cocoa mass which give me best taste and perfect tant pout tant. See how they looks after piping... they looks amazing.

But still, sometimes you never know how your shells are going to come out after baking... like someone said once a while, pâtissier may zap by the "Macaron God"! Okay baking is done, wow! My chocolate macaron shells looks perfect, let me assemble them together and I can taste them tomorrow... For filling, I just make a simple 72% Valrhona Araguani dark chocolate ganache, I always find a good quality ingredient will shine by itself! Let me see how they taste... omg amazing rich chocolate shells go with fruity and rich chocolate ganache... I have to hide some for myself!


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