Thursday, 16 May 2013

Canelés de Bordeaux, copper episode...

Here is my other post about lovely Canelés. As promised from my other post about making them with silicone mold, this time I finally get my hands on these copper molds for Canelés. Cause they are not easy to locate locally, I ordered these fantastic two inches standard Mauviel canelé molds with tinned interior online. Couldn't wait to open the box when they arrived... looks fantastic and much bigger than the mini silicone ones I use... maybe one or two is good enough for my tea time. 

See how nice the molds are... they looks so shiny, perfect and heavy too! But before I can bake anything, I have to season them first. I need to bake them with some oil in my oven for about an hour....then they are ready! 

Next step is a bit more tricky. Traditional Canelés not only have to use copper mold, and also use a kind of beewax coating in order to bake perfect Canelés. I have been struggled a bit about using beewax or not cause some recipes called for just plain butter for lining the molds. As to stick to tradition and my desire for perfect Canelés, I go with beewax coating.  Luckily, I get some organic food grade beewax... have my beewax coating ready and coat the molds slightly... they looks really nice and ready to bake.

Let me fast forward a bit... after making batter, baking for high temperature for a while and its time to see my Canelés. Since they need to be turned out rightaway after baking, I make sure I won't burn myself as the molds are extremely hot... Wow, my Canelés looks perfect! Nice dark brown colour and they smell really wonderful! Okay, let them sit a bit on the rack before I get a bite...

Omg! They taste soooo... good! A very crispy shells with rich caramelized flavor and extremely creamy custardy inner fluffy texture. I can't just have one and I ate two... hmm so satisfying! I think my copper molds really pay off for these perfect, cute and delicious Canelés, although they are expensive but worth my money. From now on... copper mold  is my way for Canelés! Maybe I should get some more molds...


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