Sunday, 12 May 2013

Japonais Sésame Noir Grillées Macarons

Roasted Japanese black sesame... a very interesting ingredient, I should say you either love it or not crazy about it. But I really love it, an amazing seeds which taste both good for savory and sweet stuff. Of course for an adventurous girl like me I would definitely try it in my favorite treats... macarons... and this wonderful ingredient turn out into a great, bold and amazing taste!

Making this asian flavor macaron shells is fun and exciting. In order to have strong flavor, I incorporate enough roasted black sesame in my tant pout tant. Let me sprinkle more on top, maybe a little overkill but they do looks nice!

Baking these little cuties is straight forward, but I need to keep and eye don't let them burnt! Okay, here they are! My roasted Japanese black sesame macaron shells looks perfect, let me assemble them together and I can taste them very soon... 
Making filling for these cuties took me a while to figure out what will be good. Eventually, I find roasted black sesame ganache goes really well with these amazing shells. Now, tasting time... just a small bite... a huge burst of roasted Japanese black sesame is dancing in my mouth! Let me make a green tea to go with this little treat!


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