Friday, 3 May 2013

Ispahan Macarons

Ispahan... originally a word from Persian called Isfahan - capital of Isfahan province of Iran. Maybe the flavors rose, lychee, raspberry?... inspired Pierre Hermé created an outstanding and amazing dessert in the pastry universe. I should say this is 'the one' which pull me into the abyss of macaron! I can't tell how many time I've made this amazing macaron and sometimes the bigger sister... a two to three inches macarons filled with all my goodies and fresh raspberries. I can tell I never get tired of making them , especially this smaller and portable version... always set aside a few just for myself!

I always use organic rose petals for my rose macaron shells. They looks nice and their aroma is exceptional... Good by themselves just for snack  but of course these cuties will become amazing Ispahan macarons... hmm I ate a couple not so perfect looking one...can't help it!

Time to put these cuties together. I made some organic raspberry gelée ahead of time and cut it into small pieces. Instead of using rose and lychee cream in my other post about rose et litchi macaronsI use rose and lychee ganache for this amazing Ispahan. My a bit acidic and fruity raspberry gelée go really with rose & lychee ivoire ganache! Tasting time! Omg I love Ispahan so so much... rose, lychee and raspberry melt in my mouth, like magic... even my body feels lighter now!


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