Thursday, 2 January 2014

Pistache Eclairs

Happy New Year to everyone! Time goes by so fast and we're in 2014 already, I had a great holiday time, shopping, sleeping and probably like many ate too much haha!  Still I would love to make some nice treat for myself.... since I am recovering from those big meals, I just make something simple...hmm maybe eclairs, easy to make and taste amazing!  What flavor.... of course my favorite pistachios!!

you need
  • eclairs (4 to 5 inches long)
  • pistache crème au beurre (pistachio buttercream)
  • pouring fondant 
  • extrait de pistache
  • chopped pistachios
To make these little beauties is quite easy... just have to have all the above ingredients handy. First thing to do is to split all my eclairs lengthwise, pipe my lovely pistache crème au beurre with a startip. Second step is even more easier, mix a bit extrait de pistache into pouring fondant and glazed all my piped eclairs, sprinkle them with a bit chopped pistachios and I am done! Wow, time to sit back and enjoy!!


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