Monday, 25 November 2013

Meyer Citron Macarons

Today is nearly the end of!  I haven't been update my blog for quite and now I am back :) Last few months was really busy for me doing my another job but now I am good and ready again to start-up fire baking again! Meyer lemon is one of my favorite citrus fruit for cooking and baking, a bit sweeter than normal lemon, they used to be not easy to get hold of but now many places carry them. Meyer lemon tart is one of my lovely treats.... but today I am going to make a small and cute sweetie.... Meyer Citron macarons. I really can't wait after such a long time of making macarons and ready to jump in my kitchen now!

First thing first is to make my macaron shells. There is no change at all for my tant pout tant , however weather is getting much colder now and I have to adjust my oven temperature a bit in order to make my shells come out nicely. Also, I have to be extra careful not overbake them... a brownish-lemony-macaron will looks a bit weird. Hmm, they look nice and so cute and are ready to be filled up with my lovely Meyer lemon ganache.

I have tried a few different fillings for lemony macarons like la crème de citron (lemon cream)crème au beurre de citron (lemon butter cream) .... La crème de citron taste great but have to eat them fast otherwise they will become soggy, crème au beurre de citron taste good too but somewhat heavy for my liking.  Finally I settle with a lovely Meyer lemon ganache, infused with Meyer lemon and its zest.  Let me fill them up quickly and they looks so lovely, bright and light.... as usual, let them sit a bit before I can taste them!

Haven't tried any new macarons come out of my oven for a while and I am super super excited! Let me try one bite now....hmm fantastic texture with a lovely Meyer lemon flavor, not very sweet and a bit brightness from lemon zest... I can have five in a row!!!


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