Thursday, 22 August 2013

Charlotte aux Fraises

I am feeling so bad I have not been updating since June! Last month was so so busy busy for me.... holidays, family, friends get together.... amazing time! I can't believe is August already, time really flies! I am thinking what should I make.... hmmm maybe a Charlotte aux Fraises. I was inspired by a kind-of-deconstructed-strawberry-shortcake while I was in PEI on holidays. Of course I love my cake pretty... so no deconstruction cake for me but a beautiful one. This cake is quite simple to make, good for me to start baking after my amazing holiday and here we are....

you need
  • boudoirs (home made ladyfingers)
  • pistache crème au beurre (pistachio buttercream)
  • crème fouettée (whipped cream)
  • fraises (strawberries)
  • nappage

My first step for this delicious cake is quite easy...I lined my five inches cake mold with acetate and a layer of ladyfingers on side and bottom. Then I spread a thin layer of pistachio butter cream (my favorite!) on bottom to give more support.

Next step is making crème fouettée. I use 35% whipped cream, a bit sugar, vanille, tiny bit of Kirsch and gelatin. I find its important to have whipped cream stabilize so my cake will not collapse nor become soggy. Final touch is to fold in some fresh strawberries. Wow, my crème fouettée looks really amazing, I can't wait and taste test it a bit!
Next step is much faster than I expected. I place my crème fouettée into the middle, even it out and decorate with some fresh strawberries. This step should be quick because crème fouettée with gelatin will set in about 15 to 20 minutes.  Last thing to do is to glaze my lovely strawberries with nappage and my cake is ready to go!
Now take a look of my cake.... I add a ribbon and a bow... it looks like a pretty gift, what a beauty! I can't wait to taste it!!! Its perfect to have this cake for a hot summer day, light and fruity.... and I can lying under the sun and enjoy this cake the same time....

Time for tasting now, let me slice a piece of this lovely charlotte. Hmm.... airy and lightly sweet ladyfingers, velvet and silky cream, fresh strawberries and nutty pistachio buttercream... taste amazing!  I should make a bigger version next time cause this wonderful cake finish so so fast!

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